OBS F250 slow adventure build


I wish I could. We picked up a 2000 7.3 excursion about two years ago to transform into our expo rig and this became my work truck. Now that I need a more worky work truck i need to re-home the battleship. Plus, in some states you can go to prison for owning three giant diesel trucks and I'm too young and pretty for that.

I went through and did a bunch of little maintenance items and a few projects on the truck today. I changed the oil, oil filter, fuel filters, cleaned the air filter and had a couple of screws pulled out of the tires and plugged. I also checked the tie rod ends and found they could use a replacement. Looking back through the thread I last changed them in 2018 so it's time for a refresh. I has to order the GM 1-ton parts so those will get changed out next week. Also took the time to write down all the custom non standard parts for the next owner so they know what to order when these type of things come up in the future, and took care of an issue that has been bugging me since I did the E-fuel conversion. The fuel pump controller didn't have a good place to be mounted so it has been resting on the fuse box for the last couple years. I ended up making a simple bracket from some aluminum angle that slides into two plastic clips on the side of the fuse box. Works super good, doesn't get in the way of any thing and is easily removable if needed.


I'd love to own a 7.3 with ZF5 combo. I looked for years when I bought mine, but struck out. Had to settle for the 460.


Well the journey for Soldier in our family has ended. After ten years, 120k miles and countless adventures he has moved on to a new home. I actually had a sick feeling in my stomach for a day after dropping him off to his new owner. My girls have no memories without that truck being part of our family. The new family will take good care of it and give it the adventures we couldn’t after we outgrew it. At some point I will start a thread for our excursion when I start it’s 2005 axle swap. Thank you to all the people who followed along and helped me along the way, I hope the information in this thread continues to be useful for others for years to come. 629B9A56-7708-423A-9613-E4DFAA097A44.jpeg

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