OBA mounting locations


Looking at purchasing this in the next few months
485C Gen.2 Dual OBA | VIAIR Corporation

Curious to hear about mounting locations pro/con list that some have experineced. I know most jeep buys put their ARB's under the hood, and most truck guys probably just put it along the frame. I am considering mounting in the bed of my truck, or between body panels of the bed in the 'empty' space so it is higher than the frame. Having compressors mounted in exposed areas seems like a terrible idea. However, has anyone with their compressors in highly exposed areas experienced problems or failures from constant dust/water/ice/snow/salt exposure?


Exposed is such a variable. Some trucks have a nice fender liner and you would get very little splash between the bed walls. Others will just pound that area with all the garbage the tire can throw at it. So too many vehicle variations for a one size fits all answer.

As for engine bay and inside the frame, heat is often the biggest issue. Electric motors and air compressors don't like heat.
But there are other locations that can be fairly well protected and out of the way, some vehicles have room above the spare tire for example. Get a creeper out and take a look, think 3 dimensionally as places.


I've had a Viair 480C that I've moved from a 2014 4Runner to a 2019 Tacoma to a 2021 4Runner and it is still going strong. It has been mounted in basically the same position in all three vehicles--under the hood on top of the wheel well but I don't use an air tank.


Those dual 485Cs look great.

Dual Viair 400s mounted in what would normally be a second battery position in the engine bay. To support 35x12.5s. These are the C variants that are fully IP rated, high reliability, and low stressed units.