OBA for camping/beach and trails


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Have a 2017 F150 used for camping with family, on-beach driving every other weekend in summer and some trails. Looking at the Viair Heavy Duty OBA. Airing up 31” tires (eventually 33s), air mattresses, bike tires, etc.
Any reason I should look at the Constant Duty system? I know it has 100% duty cycle but the CFMs are lower and it seems less powerful in the short run than the Heavy Duty.


If you anticipate adding air to four large tires sequentially, I suspect the 100% duty cycle system would get you moving faster. Once a compressor overheats and you have to wait for it to cool down before you can start using it again the time gained by a higher, but discontinuous CFM may quickly disappear. If you were filling one tire then the higher CFM might be faster. Bike tires and air mattresses can be handled by any compressor (even a hand pump).



I'd also go with the continuous duty for the reasons listed by Howard70. I didn't do a lot of research but it looked like going from 15-30 on 35's was just 45 seconds quicker for the HD version and the price delta was only around $50.

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I had a Viair 88P that never cycled off with 32” tires. They list their duty cycle as 25min @ 30psi - so not 100%. That being said, I now have an ARB twin that is way faster.


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Maybe look at a different company and you can get both 100% duty cycle and more CFM. Check out Extreme Outback Products. They sell nice portable setups or you can go for a mounted option as well.