NPS travel truck build

Hello crew.

This is a thread to keep my build in and throw around some ideas when I get stuck on a problem.
We are building this old nps with intentions to hitch up the boat and tour this magical country we call home, Australia!


Last week we took ownership of this 4bt1t powered nps.

We decided we would document our build mainly via YouTube, and try to keep it low tech and fun as a momento of out time slaving away at a ambitious project.
If your interested here is a link to part one of our build.

Any way, I'm sure I'll be tapping into the wealth of knowledge that is here.

Hope to see you out there!
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Not a great deal to update on.
Most work has been measuring, planning and ordering.
But that's no very exciting, so here's a quick vid.

Planning on towing a few things in the next month or two so it made sense to fit a new ball as the history of this one is a bit unknown


Hi Here we are,

Loving the vids.

An observation, others may provide additional comment, but neoprene may not be the most ideal insulator between the sub-frame and chassis. The movement between the two surfaces will quickly deteriorate the neoprene, and as the camper build progresses, so does the weight. This weight will cause the neoprene to 'squeeze' out from the two surfaces, resulting in metal to metal contact. HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene) will be a better option.

The change over now will be easier rather than trying to install with a completed camper unit on top.


Great point you've raised blc.
I'll look into getting some and changing it out.
Do you know a supplier? It's hard getting stuff out here in the bush.

Reasons like this is why I'm on here.
Hopefully you guys can save me some headaches at the other end of the build by pointing out things along the way