Not so scientific food experiment goes better than expected…


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First, let me say that I have absolutely no connection to these products other than I gave them a try and they worked so well I thought I’d share…

Even after following the best practices in proper food storage, we have always wished we could get fresh fruit & veggies to stay fresh longer, whether it’s in our fridge at home or in our ice chest when out camping.

Several months ago, I saw an advertisement for this product and felt it was a gimmick, so I just ignored it. Then, after having some veggies go bad before we could get to them on one of our longer camping trips, I went back and looked at these products again. This time, looking into them a little further.

Ultimately, I decided to give them a try and was blown away by the results. They actually worked as advertised!!! That never happens…

I can honestly say, after doing a side by side comparison over the last couple of months with different fruits & veggies, that these products have extended the freshness (at minimum) twice as long compared to not using them.

I ordered mine from Amazon.

Some observations:
  • The containers are a little hard to see through.
  • The bags are a little more difficult to wash out & dry.
  • Occasionally wiping out any moisture/condensation that builds up inside the bags and containers with a paper towel extends the freshness even further.
  • Moisture/condensation seems to build up quicker in the bags.
  • Even left-over items like cut apples or avocados don’t brown as quickly if kept in these containers.
  • These containers don’t seem to have any effect on lunch meat & cheese. I know, I know… But I had to try.
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We've been using the bags for years too. Didn't know about the containers; will need to score some.


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What he said.... I didn't believe they would work as well as they have. I've been using them for a couple of months now and am more than pleased with thee results. I can't wait too see how they do on my next long camping trip.


Seeing this thread again, I can recall times when some grocery stores would have green bgs for organic produce.