Not quite SAR

I am wondering id there is an organization that does not quite SAR. By this I mean say you are pretty wellequipped adequate food or water and somtheing goes wrong like you pu a hole in your transmisson or something to the effect where you can't do a field repait. Is there any organization or a group of volunteers that come help you get out of that kind of trouble. maybe it is jsut a 4 wheel drive club local to an area . I think some type of organization you contact to help you get out without utilzing a full search and rescue ( you don't really need and don't wan to waste resoures when someone else might really need it) would be beneficial. Maybe it could be orgainized through expedition portal. maybe we could get volunteers from here to form a good will team that helps people out?



Badger Wrangler
If you get into vehicle trouble in Death Valley National Park (most of it), you get in touch with Miller Towing, in Lone Pine. They'll come get you wherever you end up. Not inexpensive...