Northern Lite: roof rack options?


I just picked up a '96 6'10" Northern Lite to partner with my Tacoma. My search has turned up just 2 pics showing a NL with an after market rack. Anyone here have any knowledge of putting one on? Roof line is unique and the option doesn't exist from the factory outside of the cosmetic luggage rack. Any advice is appreciated.



MMm they did some roof racks from the factory but not a lot of good interms of weight. What year is your taco and northern lite. I have a 98 taco and 95 6'10" NL and I would shy away from putting anything on top as its already pretty top heavy and drilling holes in fiberglass and comprimising the fiberglass weatherproofness isn't worth it to me. enjoy the NL taco combo, they are sweet. look into a hitch rack I would say.....


I just saw a few upclose exterior shots of their boat rack on another forum so I emailed NL to see if there is a dealer in the states I could buy from.
My taco is a 2006, 4 door with a 6 foot bed, TRD Sport. I added air bags when I travelled with our 4 wheel camper. I know it's heavy but I take everything pretty slow and are happy with how it handles, (so far at least). I don't see ever going above 75 lbs up top.

So know the search begins for a factory rack or custom...

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