Norex Overland Festival 2022 in Norway!!


I will edit this post with new and more info consecutively regarding the festival

We are hosting our second overland festival in Norway next summer. Is there any facebook pages for scandinavia and europe or forums I should advertise this on?

The booking page will be up and running in January.

Here is a short movie from the first festival we had this year. Not so big because of covid restrictions. We are hoping to see a lot of overlanders from all over europe next summer.



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I just bought tickets to festival this summer :)
Looking forward to meet other overlanders!


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Hi, I believe there could be loads of people interested in Finland also. Web pages were off, so was FB pages... where i can find more information about this event ?


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Will there be another one next year? Hope so because I had to miss this one, but I really love Norway and other Scandinavian countries. And it would be wonderful to spend some time in the wild.
I just need to think about how to get there from Canada. It will be a long journey. I will have to leave my business here for some time and hope that my assistant will manage the job. We make stanchions in canada and stanchions for sale in canada. People use them when they need to control the crowd at large events.
So, if everything goes well, see you next year.
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