No start JK resolution

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My weekend plans were wrecked this weekend. I’m disappointed that I didn’t resolve it myself. Instead it was a $400 lesson that I will share so others don’t have to go through this.
I had driven from San Diego to El Centro. Gassed up, pulled around the corner for a burger. Turn the key and nothing happens. The starter had been replaced 363 days earlier, same symptoms. It turned out that the “exciter “ wire that triggers the solenoid to engage the starter had shorted out on the bell housing. This blew the fuse (40A) . I failed to pack my electrical tools, and I didn’t even check the fuses. Had I done that I might have resolved the issue and saved my weekend. Hope my lesson helps someone.

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I had a no start with my '08 JK. After tightening all the grounds under the hood it started and was ok for 65,000 miles.

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Just to add to your info for others:

Was on the trail my wife was driving took a hard hit on the driver side frame rail right at the control arm mount. It blew the M19 fuse, seems after getting towed out of the woods with a fellow Jeeper doing research he found that a hard impact will cause the M19 fuse to blow. When this happened you turn the key the engine would spin and would not stop spinning until you remove the key from the ignition.