No shower tent w/ external hose opening?

Is there not a portable privacy/shower that allows an external hose to be used? I like the Joolca ensuite double, but the problem is, they’re in Australia and won’t ship to the US. The Drifta ensuite won’t work for me since it needs to be attached to something. Every shower tent Im finding uses a water bag. Im not wanting that, I have 36 gal water tanks and onboard diesel water heater, so I want to be able to use this setup.

Ive heard and been told that Joolca is bringing their setup to the US but Ive been told that for 6 mos now.

I have a buddy down in Australia who could ship one to me, but it wouldn’t get here in time.

The reason I’m looking for one, is due to my company owning 10 locations throughout the US, I can take the trailer and use the excuse Im visiting the location and explore while driving to and from. So I will need to shower at times to freshen up.

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Why not just make a hole for the hose in one of the ones that are easy to buy?
I was trying to avoid cutting a hole and then having the affix some sort of grommet to prevent it from tearing further. Then trying to figure out how to route the hose and mount the head vs buying a tent that was made to accommodate one.

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Where? The door zipper? I bought the ozark double last week and after setting it up, didn’t find any opening.

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I’m guessing we don’t have the same model then. No, not the door zipper. Next time I have it out I’ll get a pic for you since you’re having a tough time believing me.