"No More Projects!", says I. And then...1972 Superior 2200. Couldn't pass it up.

Oh crap. I forgot all about getting you what I had of the manual. Sorry...no excuse. I did try after we first talked about it and for some reason the email failed to reach you. Then I had to run and decided to figure it out later.

Then forgot.

As for mine, I finally got it running by shifting all the wires on the distributor cap..uh...I think it was counter-clockwise, but now I'm not sure. But yea, the two number 1s molded into the cap were both wrong.

I ordered the new low-profile galvanized roof vents, but haven't installed them yet. Also ordered a bunch of LED light fixtures. Singles and doubles.

But OMFG they are enormous. I didn't even notice when I ordered them. The singles are 8"x5" and the doubles 11"x5".

It's not an issue for the doubles as they are all in the front and on flat surfaces with lots of room. But the singles are too wide to fit between the upper cabinet doors in the rear. Which is fine actually...I'm going to mount them facing down on the bottom of the cabs and leave the originals in place for now until I find something suitable.

Same in the head. There is already power in the ceiling for the vent, so I can use that the install a double up overhead. And eventually find something to put in the original vanity spots.

In the front over the dinette, on the bottom of the overhead cab is a double, which a switch by the door turns on one half of. Haven't decided yet what I'm gonna do there. I'm thinking a double over the dinette, then pickup that extra wire and put a single nearer the entry to give more light on the steps.

But yea, I'll take what you can give of the manual. I only got half of the one from that one guy and he never answered after that.
Hey hopefully this will help.. I know it helped me tons.. I also have the 120v diagram just not saved to my phone.


I found what I think to be the entire owners manual, along with a lot of other info that may come in handy. Although, mine is the 25 ft 72 with a 413. I'll do my best to get some good pics of it and any other document I think may help as soon as possible. It's the least I can do for all the help this posting has done. How're things?
I am interested in any manuals that you have or would be willing to make copies of.. I will gladly do the same in return.
Just joined and just picked up a 73 Superior 2500, everything is there and in good shape. Didn't get to hear it run because the negative cable came into contact with the positive post. I am assuming that it only needs the fusible link replaced but who knows.......but I have to thank you greatly because this thread has helped me a ton!
not sure why whenever I open this thread this quote comes up..must have fat fingered something so I'm gonna try to post so it goes away hopefully..sorry new to forums