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I dunno why but I just love it with that bumper and the lift and tires. I would totally go that route.

.... Now you've got me looking at the conversion options for the NV3500. Quigley does a 4x4 version, and Sportsmobile will do an interior!

I like this idea :D
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More info/discussion/pictures on turborobo's van happened in the 4x4 NV Thread: ... hope you don't mind me linking there, turborobo ... but I had just read through some stuff there and it was front of mind.

ETA: For guys really interested in building these, as mentioned in the thread I linked, there's an Advance Adapter plate for these transmissions, that would allow an Atlas to bolt up ... IMO that'd be a better choice than the Quigly t-case (which is single speed and doesn't have a low-range) ... further, if the speed sensors in the NV computers use the same logic as in our F-Alpha trucks (Xterra/Frontier/Titan), then they can be hard wired to JK front wheel sensors; allowing for the possibility of a SAS with no "Christmas-tree dash", functional speedo, etc ... I think there's serious potential for a U-Joint style build of an NV, but it would take someone willing to sus out a fair bit of custom work.
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Skibum ya thanks for posting that link! Iv had to do a lot of fixing of advanced 4x4s original install, they are good guys but a lot of the fit and finish works leave something to be desired, I found a lot of stuff that was just finger tight. I wish they were more honest about what stuff they were using on the van, had I known that they were just going to use dosge 1500 front diff and transfer case I would have probably gonna other route, as you could imagine I'm a bit Leary about having half ton stuff on a one ton van. That being said this isn't going to be a hard core offroad vehicle, I have other toys for that kind of fun. I mainly wanted the 4x4 on the van for driving in snow in alaska.

Had very bad axle binding issue, due to the lift, ended up haveing a shop up here in AK ( Green Tree Fabrication)do some work
1) dropped the front diff so axle angle was not so bad
2) install Kore high angle inner CV joints
3) make custom length front ifs axles
4) drop the transfer case
5) install rear airbags

The rig handles soooo much better now, no more howling noise in 4x4 feels just like a regular truck

Green Tree is also working with King to make a front coil over set up, the stock struts are just not up to the task, I'm already on my second set. For obvious reasons here is a lack of aftermarket stuff for these vans

I know some one is going to ask why I didn't just get a ford van, Yes I'm aware they are way more capable off road, and have a lot more aftermarket support. I just wanted to try something a little different, a one ton camper van with 4x4 that has a great powerful very reliable v8 is pretty awesome not gonna lie! The Nissan v8 is thirsty, but I have 110gallons in gas tanks under the rig so I'm not too worried, lol but I have yet to fill up more than 80gal, the heater runs off gas too so it's nice to have a single fuel source.
Check out for more pics
outside van in Oregon did the intererior install , can not say enough good things about them, amazing company, great people to deal with!
Feel free to pm me with any questions


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Looks great! You've turned an aesthetically deficient conehead van into a more capable conehead van! Keep it up! The bumpers and knobbies really change the dynamics of the entire rig and I'm sure there's no shortage of room.


Looks great! The bumpers and knobbies really change the dynamics of the entire rig and I'm sure there's no shortage of room.
I totally agree. Those vans are huge inside too. I haven't driven one but I've looked in a couple and the cab seems as wide as a Hummer.


Start a thread

I posted a lengthy reply to the specs of the van but I guess they may not want to put it in the photo thread, I think maybe I'll start a separate thread for the van
Got my Armada ready for a road trip to Big Bend after Christmas. Here is how it sits now while I am counting down the days to my trip.

And this is how it will look if I have to use it at night on the trials;


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