Nissan Photos - post your's


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I feel out of my element making such a request. What the hell, everyone else is doing it. And everybody knows I just follow the crowd because that's easier.

It's margarita night at my home desk, and I'm feeling f i n e. Raise your glass and show your Nissan, por favor. Whaddya got? Xterra? Frontier? Pathfinder? Titan? Armada (that'd be a big surprise)? X-Trail? Patrol? Or something old skewl?

(Is the Pathfinder called something else in Europe, Australia, etc? I can't recall.)

Anyway, my contribution is attached - she's a 2005 D40 Frontier, black as an insurrection out of a certain epic by John Milton. Less the desert pinstripes.

Where's yours?

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A chance to show off my baby? Heck, yeah!

Man, looking at the dates, these photos are OLD. I need to start getting out more. :eek:



Lewisville to Colorado

I used to go up to the Sangre de Cristos from Lewisville and always hated having Texas plates on my truck. Sometimes you didn't even have to pass on the shoulder to get the middle finger from someone.....:sombrero:

I suppose I should take some pictures of my Xterra and post them soon...or should I wait for my 22in wheels w/ spinners?



Here's some pics from 2 weeks ago

'07 Xterra 'S' w/ PRG 3" lift, fully shrock'd, and all kinds of other stuff