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The van is a 2013 nv 3500

Advanced 4x4 did the conversion, I have since had to do a few upgrades / fixes ( more on that later)
It has a transfer case with high and low , unfortunately the after market does not support the van at all ( no surprise) so ther is no limited slip or locker..... Booooo

I am currently working with a local offroad fabrication shop in anchorage ( Green Tree fabrication ) to develop some King coil overs for the van, the stock shocks are just not holding up to the task

The intererior of the van was done by Outsidevan in Oregon,
Honestly they are an amazing outfit to work with, I could not be happier

It is a relatively simple set up, we really wanted few mechanical systems as possible for reliability, so no toilet, black or grey water tanks. There is 20gal of fresh water on board, no hot water heater, Iv never used it in past rigs. I asked em to shoe horn the biggest fridge they could practically fit in the van. Also has a micro wave, lol it's a feature I did not think we would use much, I honestly was reluctant to put it in.....but we actually end up using it a lot, we will ore make a lot of meals before we hit the road and just heat em up later.

The heater runs off of gasoline, I'm not sure where, but the dudes at outsidevan sourced it from...... It's an espar unit, it works amazing and only one fuel source is needed, custom twin gas tanks were fabricated by PDX tuning in portland. Took a bit of design work but we ended up shoehorning 110 gal capacity under the van ( protected by massive 3/16 steel skid plate) so far I have only filled it up to 80gal and this was on the way up the Allan highway ( made it over 700 miles on that fill up😜

I'm afraid to fill it to capacity until, I have airbags in the back to help with the added weight

I'm kind of rambling.... A littl loopy on pain meds after ankle repair surgery couple days ago 😜

After years of camping in the back of a truck, the van is like a luxury palace, it's a nice warm escape while the wife and I continue to explore our home state Of Alaska

I'll continue to post pics and snawer any of your questions



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Nice van. I've toyed with the idea of going this route, but the lack of support, paired with the expense, is making me focus on other options. Interesting to see you've got a two speed tc, as the Quigley conversion goes the single speed AWD route.


Great van, I'm wondering if it would share the same components as the Nissan trucks . . . Frontier/Navarra Titan. Have you check into that? I am wondering if they may share parts. I would love a 1500 1/2 ton 4x4 with the 4.0 V6


Great van, I'm wondering if it would share the same components as the Nissan trucks . . . Frontier/Navarra Titan. Have you check into that? I am wondering if they may share parts. I would love a 1500 1/2 ton 4x4 with the 4.0 V6
Are you asking about drivetrain? If so, the drivetrain is different on these vans from anything else in the Nissan line-up.


Yes, believe me I have checked extensively, I work at a Nissan dealership, and I have tried to cross reference any parts possible with other Nissan vehicles and so far there is nothing I have found that the vehicles share.......that is why Iv had to go the route getting custom coilovers made! But all in all it is a fun challenge !! And the wife and I are really enjoying the van!!

We have not gotten squat for snow so far this winter here in anchorage, but the roads are still slicker than snot, so far the 4wd on the van has proven to be perfect for traction!! Very happy!

I just got the van back last week from local fabricator ( Green Tree Fab)
Had a bunch of issues with 4x4 system from original install at advanced 4x4, I should have heeded the warning from threads on the portal ( can go into that another time)

The crew at green tree dropped the front diff down an couple inches so axle angle was not so extreem ( was binding really bad) also installed some Kore high angle inner cv joints, Installed custom length rcv axle shafts, dropped the transfer case, now in 4wd there is no more howling or binding, all is silky smooth and quiet, works amazing!! They also added rear airbags which is great because I now feel comfterable attempting to fill the fuel tank to it's 110 gal capacity! The next step is waiting for the King coilobers to show up I'm hoping in get next month or so! Very excited!!

Jon Nelson

Wow Kodiak is "pretty". I miss our Outside Van interior from the Sprinter. I did a quick temporary build-out early this summer in our NV to test spacing and to get us out on the dirt asap. Of the four up-fitters that saw our van over '14 not one wanted to give us and estimate on the "pro" buildout. So, I've gutted my temporary build down to the bare metal. Right after Jan 1st I'm going to forge ahead without the big boys and manage the subcontracted work myself. NOT what I wanted to do, but...

Already finished is:
Full length pop top camper roof by Colorado Camper Van
Exterior windows all the way around
4x4 conversion by Advanced Four Wheel
Propane tank install and custom through body access panel done by a local hotrod shop
Front and rear bumpers by Aluminess with rear tire mount and storage box
Warn 16.5Ti wince in the front bumper
BFG LT285/70R17 AT T/A KO tires all around

So far in the garage waiting for install/reinstall are:
BedRug floor underlayment
Custom rubber sound pad
Sound dead for the walls
custom aluminimum floor plates and entrance step
Custom side seat by PRP Seats
Sterling Power 120a Battery To Battery Charger
Sterling Power 2500watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter/80 amp Charger
(2) Lifeline 8D AGM Batteries
Bogart Engineering Trimetric Battery Monitor
Bogart Engineering Solar Charge Controller
Progressive Industries AC Power protection
Blue Sea and Switch-Pros electrical distribution
Panasonic Microwave
Nature's Head Composting Toilet
Propex 2800 Propane Air Heater
Dometic SC 7k Turbo split system air conditioning unit
PrecisionTemp LP fired on demand hot water heater
Interior fresh water tank TBD
Exterior Gray Tank TBD
(3) fast disconnect shower fitting set-ups for inside wet shower/toilet, curb side hand washing, street side external shower location
ARB 50qt Fridge/Freezer
TemboTusk Refrigerator slide
Wilson cell amp for phone plus a second one for the cell internet device
Satellite phone TBD
Kenwood 2m/440 amateur radio
rear speaker amp and speakers TBD
Goose Gear cabinetry and finishing TBD as soon as the metal framing is finished

Wish me patience & luck! Ha!


Sounds like a sick build!! Can't wait to see it!! U going to run airbags in the bsck? I had a shop put in an extra leaf in the rear spring pack, and I added airbags just a couple weeks ago! Really makes a big difference in handling when the rig is all loaded up!

Also can u post pics of your pop top?? I really wish I knew about thr pop top before I took the van to outsidevan!!

It's nice that there is at least 2 of us on the portal !! Lol we are a thin tribe!

Hoping that maybe between u and I developing some parts for these rigs maybe we can attract some more to the nv clan!

I need to look at the transmition, to see how similar it is to the Titan. Atlas has an adaptor for the Titans to run their transfer case. If it were to work Im thinking that alomg with an ifs 2500 front diff would make for a more stout set up.


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Turborobo Dan at Greentree Fab has done a lot of work on my truck. I credit them with keeping my frontier on the road for a 1/4 million miles.

Jon Nelson

djcote - the engines and transmissions are the only things the NV vans share with the Titan. The suspension (and frame) is totally different (turborobo can verify or correct this statement as needed).

turborobo - we had Advanced add a leaf and upgrade the shocks during the conversion. I'm going to wait until the final build is done and then let Ramsey at Agile Offroad tune it up from there.

Here's a picture at Mountain Rendezvous '14 before the bumpers went on


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