Nissan builds a frontier

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Probably because they were going to be replacing the shocks, tires, exc already. Only thing the Pro4x adds that can't be easily upgraded is the e-locker (which I am not saying is insignificant), but probably the reasoning to keep cost down as docwatson said.


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This Fronty from the classified section here was a much nicer build in my opinion. Their one off is cool, but it's not awesome.

Ford Ranger and Toyota Tacoma are really hitting the outdoor adventure or "overland" angle hard in marketing and ads. One would think Nissan would be all over it. They certainly picked a really stupid time to drop the Xterra with the uptick in the 4x4 market following shortly after, they still have the Frontier, this effort seems a bit weak, a bit late.


Nissan went super soft spending all their time on CUVs and sedans. The Rogue seems to be paying off but there is no reason for the lack of attention given to their real SUVs and truck lineup. Dropping the Xterra, no real updates to the Frontier, Pathfinder went minivan-esque while the entire market shifted towards midsize trucks/suvs and the off road aesthetic.

Hopefully this 2021 Frontier is worth the wait. What are the odds they bring back the Xterra? The Terra, overseas rides on the F-Alpha platform and the new Frontier purportedly stays F-Alpha. Whatever they do they should a) implement QA/QC to ensure the radiators don't leak and the timing chain stamps don't get too worn and b) stand behind their product if they can't build it right. The Frontier/Pathfinder/Xterra had a shot at market growth but SMOD and timing chain killed perception.

And while I am ranting, someone at Nissan needs to read Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Point.
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The smod and timing chain issues were resolved by Nissan, in 2009. What would of been really cool would have been if they had just done a titan swap, straight of the gate, a vk56 motor(with a six speed manual trans) and the m205 front diff. That would be a great factory build. I hope a lot of companies start doing a mild to wild build for demo purposes like jeep does for every year for the jeep Easter safari.


The smod and timing chain issues were resolved by Nissan, in 2009.
Five years after production began and without much support to those who suffered from the issues. In the class action lawsuit Nissan argued their engines were only designed to last 120k miles... a totally ridiculous argument considering the general durability of the VQ motors.

It would have been awesome if the 2008 update to the Pathfinder had made its way to the Frontier and the VK56 was an option. It seems like Nissan is trying to do more modification marketing with the Titan.