Nice DIY resource for SoCal folks.


Hey friends,
I just found this garage in Baldwin Park that rents lifts and tools by the hour... No affiliation, just thought it was a great resource for DIY folks like me.

I made an appointment for next Tuesday, the 27th to do my front brakes, ball joints, tie rod ends, coil springs, and caster alignment bushings. I'll report back after I do everything, but they've already got great yelp reviews. $25 an hour for a lift and pretty much any tool you'd need/want seems like a winning combo to me...


I've always thought about doing this. If it could work anywhere, So Cal would be the place. Everyone talks about insurance being a nightmare for something like this but clearly they got it figured out and I can't imagine it not being profitable. Looking forward to your review.


I need to do the exact same job on my front end. Would be intereyed in theither services....please let us know how your experience goes


Had my appointment today.
Went just fine.
Nice guys, relatively clean space. Tools are of the Harbor Freight type of quality and that's fine for me in most cases.
There were a couple guys working on long-term projects and another guy doing his brakes too.
The shop employees took extra care making sure my big van was secure on the lift. They also went over rules, lift operating procedures, etc.
I was able to remove and replace: coils, shocks, brake pads, tie rod ends, and swap spindles (had an extra set that I put new ball joints in yesterday so the job would go faster/easier) in around five hours and change. I can't tell you how appreciative my back is for getting that all done on a lift, and not my driveway!!!!
I'm at the alignment shop now getting it all happy.


I'll report back later with thoughts on the new Moog CC880S springs, but it's certainly a smidge taller up front :)

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Oh yeah,
One kinda big hole in the garage's game is/was their brake lathe. If you don't already know how to use it, they charge $50 an hour to learn, and they can't do huge rotors with studs in them like we've got. I had purchased new rotors, so I didn't have to deal with that issue, but it is an issue. I chatted with the garage owner about it and he seemed like he was going to try and figure something out so it would be better for his clients.
Sure there are shops in the area that can turn your rotors, but it would be nice to have it all in one building.

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Just be sure to have all the parts you could possibly need in advance... it could get costly if you had to do a parts run in the middle of a job... or even worse if the parts to get it mobile weren't available.

I'd love to have access to a hoist and a means to quickly prep and paint the frame... and under carriage. Makes me wish I was closer.


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These are all over Germany, "Mietwerkstatt's", where it's illegal to work on your car in your own driveway. They were a lifesaver when I was living there trying to keep the ring rat up to snuff. Lots of memories of shady Albanians and good beer!

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