Newby, Tucson AZ with a UNIQUE full size. REDNECK ROAMER


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Hello all, long time lurker, first time poster. I take a tremendous amount of info and ideas from this forum, hopefully now I can contribute. Attached is my rig, this weekend I will be doing the 4x4 conversion from a rusted out 78 Ford Quardra Van. Should be a cool rig when I'm all done. Any ideas, input, ridicule is welcome! I'll be looking for inspiration for the storage racks between the camper and bed side and the back bumper. Cheers all, look forward to hearing from all of you!
I had a Centurion similar to that one as well. Mine had the high top and folding rear couch, basically was already a nice sleeper! Yours have the 460 or diesel in it? As far as converting you could see if your frames are the same length and body swap

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Thank you! I have the interior out right now to replace the carpet and for cleaning. I rebuilt the dog house cover to include a mount for my tablet to run Gaia. I finished the front suspension and 4x4 conversion this weekend, once I get the back leveled out and tires mounted, I'll post some more pics.509194