Newby from New Mexico


Hello, just found this website, looks very interesting. I am a retired MSgt from the USAF, have been driving my 2010 JKR for 2 years now and I love it. While most of the Jeepers I know here are into rock crawling, I am more interested in expedition, I really don't want 35s and a lot of lift, I want something that will get me around the mountains and the desert as I get the chance to go exploring. Hope to learn from the rest of the folks here.



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Welcome Dave!
I'm Dave.
Sounds like you're in the right place! Plenty of great expedition rigs around these parts. Enjoy the board. Hope you can get some great tips that'll push you in a way to have even more adventures with your rig.


The only modifications I have made were adding a stubby front bumper with a winch, that and I stuffed the sound bar full of pillow batting to improve the sound quality of the speakers. When I next have some extra funds, I will be doing a little leveling, but not too much, right now I average between 17 and 22mpg depending on how much Mt 4x4 and highway time.


Absolutely Corey, I try to spend as much time as is possible in the Lincoln Natl. Forest, and I work at Holloman AFB.


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I think we should plan a NM get together!! Maybe lat August or September to give everyone a chance to get the time off and plan on attending? Dont want to hijack your welcome thread I will start a new thread when I get to work.
I will let you know where it is posted.


Welcome. I too am new to New Mexico. Haven't had too much time to explore but am certainly looking forward to it as work allows. I live outside outside Socorro and there's a lot of BLM and NFS lands to explore around here.


Welcome Dave! I'm semi-local in El Paso, there's a fair contingent of ExPo folks in the area. If a trip or get together comes together, I'd like to be included as well.