Newbie questions....BLISS MOBIL and chassis


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Thank you! I read on one of the forum posts from a couple of years ago that Couch might become the U.S. distributor for Bliss. That would be interesting and would probably make buying a Bliss Mobil a lot easier.


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I am a Canadian owner of a 15 feet Bliss Mobil since last year. I did extensive research before buying. I ended up with Bliss for two main reasons. First quality and solidity are premium. Second, since the Bliss Mobil unit is sold separately from the truck, I was able to import a new living unit not submitted to the 15 years (25 years in USA) like the truck. And this is a big plus. As for the truck my fist idea was to find a new 4 x 4 trucks in Canada. International truck maker had a model suitable for the Bliss unit, but since it is a long nose truck, it had significant longer wheelbase compare to a flat nose truck reducing maneuverability. Also a new diesel truck has a lot of electronics and run with urea. So I ended up with a Mercedez Benz truck (1429AF) bought in Europe. It was a 1992 firetruck with only 29K kilometers. A mechanic made the appropriate modifications in collaboration with Bliss Mobil with overland specs in mind. I have to say that I am very happy with my choice. Both Bliss Mobil and the truck perform very well.
Can you post pictures of you rig?

How did you go about finding the chassis? Did Bliss help you locate it or some other outfit?

And, finally, can you share your ballpark budget for the total build? TIA

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