Newbie, LS3 into a G? MB 250GD ?


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Posted this on a LS forum, but no response:

Just stumbled on this on bringatrailer but am looking to have it beefier. I have a Defender with an LC9 engine. This 250GD is gorgeous but I'm looking for some advise about the possibility of putting an LS3 inside. Figured this forum has a bunch of DIY that this has been tried?

I contacted the seller, it looks like thats what they do - restore these old Gs. his site is so he did more then 1 bUT he said they won't do a LS swap or any swap for me

can anyone point me in the right direction of a who might know more about this? as I understand, the Gwagon hasn't changed in bod or chassis since those years - so if the engine compartment is the same then SOMEONE must have tried to get an LS3 into one of the newer G550s and this should be even simpler as there's less electronics on that older one to mess with.

I know it wont b cheap im willing to pay if possible, anyone know???



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There is a gentleman working on an LS swap over at the clubgwagen forum. Not sure how it will turn out, but I am rooting for him. Unfotunately the G section in this forum is not particularly active and you will have better luck searching this out in other forums. The reason EMC doesn't do motor swaps is that they have to be in factory trim to import them into the US. Once it is purchased from EMC you could swap the motor but an LS is still untested in the G.

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