New Zealand Sleeper Van


Expedition Leader
We rented one of these converted minivan "sleeper vans" for three weeks on a kayaking trip in New Zealand a while back. No 4wd but great use of space and, while basic, very functional and good value. It had some features that may be useful for the home brewer:

The tailgate doubles as a tent.

The rear bench seat rotated so it was against the side wall. Under the sleeping platform was storage, water and an electric "chilly bin" which is ok for keeping milk and meat fresh for a couple of days.

Stove works best outside the vehicle but it rains there a lot!

DVD player!

To be honest we found the only limiting factor was the space-saver spare tire.

More photos from the trip here: Link to picassa.
Very nice set up. I have often thought of a similar "tent" type set up for a rear hatch. Was it attached with velcro or something else?