New Truck Install


So I did the deed and traded in my 2001 Escape for a 2001 4Runner. This means that after about 9 years I need to do an install from scratch. I learned a lot in that time and the Expedition Portal has some great ideas as does the T4R 3rd gen list. So I am curious if anyone has done HF/VHF/UHF in a 3rd Gen 4Runner and if so would they share pictures of the install? I am still playing with budget and ideas on paper. Since this was a short trigger purchase (the bill to pass inspection was bigger than the value of the Escape) mod budget right now is limited. Its going to the mechanic tonight for a looksee so we can see what our repair priorities are (other than tires...badly needs those.)

Initial install thoughts:

Model 75 Tarheel on Breedlove Mount
VHF/UHF I have an 8900 but not sure if I will use that again
Larson Model NMO270B Antenna
CB? Not sure how extensively used out here

Once I get to actually doing an install I will post up here.