New Truck, Harsh Ride Unloaded

Desert Dan

I'll take 16" or 17" rims and a tire with some sidewall over an 18" or 20" rim any day thanks.

How about a good old 285x75x16"


I'm very skeptical about this "sulastic" - never heard of it before today (and I've had a CDL for almost 20 years)


Sulastics are going on on Tuesday along with Rancho 9000XLs. I am hoping that they will reduce the concrete chatter from the gaps in the slabs here in L.A. If you haven't driven lately in SoCal, with it's 1950's vintage deteriorating roads, it's hard to explain how bad things are for those of us who have long commutes.


Lots of guys have the same problems. Carli suspension makes a living off of these trucks riding like crap. They only make kits for dodge/ford I think. Like $8,000 for their top of the line kit.

Anyways, the key is always going to be more tire less wheel. Go with 17" wheels if you can, and put on 35" or 37" tires. The best riding combo is 37" tires on 17" wheels.


If you don't get all the way there with your intended mods, I can vouch for Bilstein shocks being the final solution. I just replaced my way stiff Gabriel Ultras with the standard Bilstein HD shocks (not the ones for "with camper") and the ride is finally just like it should be. I beat the crap out of it this past weekend running sweep for the Prescott rally and couldn't be happier!! I ran 45psi front and 40 rear. Rocky/Gravel roads with washes were a breeze, and the ride there and back at normal pressure (60 front/50 rear) was greatly improved. You won't be disappointed. :)


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I'll never understand why the manufacturers went with 20's and rubber band tires. Max bling I suppose. 18's max and to the op lower the psi unladen to 50 front,40 back. I run my Toyo AT2's at 55-60 all around loaded. 50 front 35-40 back unladen. If your truck is DEF equipped somebody's got a skid plate for it.
It was my out side sales construction supply truck.

My overland van has 16".