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If you’re in the market for bumpers, or sliders, I suggest you look at these two threads. I have a Shrock front bumper
but replaced my Shrock rear with one from this guy that had swingouts. The build quality is every bit the equal of Shrock or any of the others. The welds are works of art. He will also work with you on any custom specs/features you might want. Price? VERY competitive. Delivery? Well you won’t wait 6 months 😊

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I'll second the recommendation for E. Oilvas above- he's put together a great design that's proven solid and durable-
I keep the swing-arms on all summer, opening them every day as my truck has a job too. I've done my share of ploughing with the hitch and the worst I can do is take some of the paint off. There is enough room that I could add some backup lights as well, which are a huge improvement over the stock bulbs. He can help you with any special requests & will get you a bumper that you can use happily for years-
Really good guy with a great product, he's been working on a front bumper and sliders too if you need them.


Wow. I just read both threads of E. Oilvas' bumpers. I am considering picking up a frontier and have been curious about the options of rear bumpers. His look like good quality products.