New to me F250


Well, I posted a while back about plans for my Chevy 1500. After I passed up a brand new 26' FEMA camper (post formaldehyde) for a steal, I decided it might be time to upgrade to a 3/4 ton. My wife took a look inside the camper and fell in love. I just had no way of pulling it back to NC.
So I sold the Chevy and dropped some cash on an 03 F-250. Its in great shape. I will just have to get used to driving such a big truck around. I'm used to Jeeps and Yotas.
Any suggestions on capable setups are welcome.



So Ive got a brand new 8000lb winch laying around. Thinking about a rear mount behind the bumper. Any thoughts?


Any thoughts?

Yeah, sell it and buy a 12k.

An 8k isnt enough for a 3/4 ton truck :sombrero:

What motor is in our new rig?


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Lots of good options out there for these trucks. For winch mounts, I personally like the Warn hidden winch kit. Looks great, not too much additional weight. I agree, you need more than an 8K.


8,000 definitely isnt enough. I was thining of mounting it in the rear as a utility winch.

Leveling kit sounds good.

It has the 5.4 V8. Wish it was a 7.3 but when this engine goes that might be the next option.