NEW (to me) DL650!!!


I usually lurk in the Toyota section, but im happy to join the adventure crowd over here! Its not 800+ cc's but it is multi-cylindered so i guess it belongs here. Anyway, just wanted to share (show off) my new bike that I picked up last night. After much analysis, or over-analysis, I decided a V-strom would suit my needs best, and I picked up this beauty!

I just sold my 96 XR250 that I had for over 10 years, it was sad to see such a great little bike go, but it was time to move up, and on. I scoured craigslist and finally jumped on this 06 DL650 with 15k miles, when it came up. The previous owner had the fairings line-x'd after dropping it a few times off road. He also had plenty of SW Motech goodies installed. Crash bars, skid plate, center stand and quick release rear rack are all SW Motech, and the cases are all Pelican/Storm and in great shape. It needs a new throttle tube and to have the front fork seals replaced but I feel confident that my purchase price of $3500 leaves me a few bucks to make those repairs and still have a great bike for the money. It runs great and I cant wait to get out and explore Colorado with it! Hope to post some good ride reports soon!



con kso

Sweet bike! I was talking to some peeps about my '13DL650 and they were saying it's not as "cool" as the other ADV bikes with beaks and bars and stuff- I told them when you're camped out in the middle of Nevada and the closest town with moto parts and moto mechanics is two hours away on dirt the only thing that you care about is if the bike will start in the morning. Your DL is very reliable. Cool doesn't trump reliable when you're really out there.

The joke is most ADV bikes never see anything more than a Starbucks parking lot.