New to me Disco 1!

So I've been lurking for years trying to find a diesel Land Rover and finally found one thanks to the for sale section. I should also shout out to the users patience with me scrambling to get down there. I've been trying to buy a new automatic rig for a minute, but everything went wrong, from people buying what I wanted to the dealer frying the computer. Anyway it's the 1997 Disco 1 300tdi. We flew out last Friday night on a red eye and drove back Saturday afternoon. We stopped in Baton Rouge for the night and continued in a push back home to work at 0630. Of course we were able to stop for some excellent Mexican and seafood along the way. Overall as short and fast of a trip we had, it was much needed and we are extremely excited for the next few weekends. I'm absolutely in love with the truck! A few bits of character, but to me that's perfect. Coming from an '82 Chevy I really feel a little spoiled, but I definitely am ready to get some seat covers due to the "stick".
P.S. Does anyone have the Rave Manual? I've been searching everywhere and every link seems to be broken or unavailable. Thanks in advance! Also on my phone so sorry for spelling or formatting errors. IMG_5078.jpg
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Happy so see your Loving Green Rover. She gets up to some tricks but will always get you home!!!


It's a nice clean looking vehicle. Good luck with it! I hope it does not lecktrisical you to death. :)

Since it is a diesel, I suppose you could always rip out the factory harnesses and rewire from scratch when the security system and whatnot start acting up.


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What's your thoughts on the build plan? Over landing style or enjoying as is?

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Thanks all! Texas, She's definately getting my love.
m35, hopefully it doesn't resort to pulling everything just yet! However, that's what I love about the old trucks. A set of wrenches pulling can fix anything.
Jethro, Right now I'm planning on doing very little to it. Currently have a couple of plans, but mainly a camping/climbing exploring rig. Living in Georgia I haven't had many chances to see what's around so I'm really hoping to do that soon. Planning a trip to go see a crashed airplane I've heard about.
In the future I'm hoping to continue the research I had started when I was in undergrad. The plan is to do a lot of desert traveling and diving submerged towns and resevoirs. As far as accesseories, I'd really like to get a RTT and a drawer system just to hold odds and ends while getting it ready to take back West to the cold(i.e. block heater!). I just had hip surgery so I'm really liking the RTT idea for a better mattress. She's going to be set up for long distance riding and getting out of and into rain washed roads. We travel rather lightly, but with lots of climbing gear and food.
Currently I like the ride height. Only had a couple minor issues with switches, but nothing that really hasn't resolved itself. I'm looking at replacing the Light switch and ignition block. Ignition has some play I'd like to fix. Also some seat covers like I said before. Does anyone have a suggestion for Prep tables or swing away tire carriers?


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Tactical Rovers makes a bumper with tire carrier.

I just installed a terrafirma long travel suspension kit and am pleased but more for crawling.

Some friends started their own overlanding company and have some great RTT they are building.

Looking forward to seeing how you progress.

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Just looked at the Tactical Rover Bumper, exactly what I'm looking for! I'll look into those tents too, thanks!


You should sign up on Discoweb (if you don't have thin skin) and Land Rover Forums. Lots of info there and you should easily be able to find the Rave.

I had to have a RTT on my Disco, too. Then I couldn't sell it fast enough: It prevented me from getting into my garage. It is definitely a mpg eater. They actually kinda suck for camping in. The mattress was far too hard (even with some inflatable sleeping pads). When one person rolls over, you both feel it. When the wind blows you definitely feel it. You can't really "hang out" in the RTT. You can't stand up to dress (seriously, try getting dressed and undressed in your bed at home a few times, without being able to put your feet on the floor or anything). If you drink beer and have to pee at night it sucks to have to climb up and down the ladder (or you could do like I do and just keep a Gatorade bottle inside, but it makes the women-folk jealous). Oh and if it rains when you are packing it up? Guess who is setting their vehicle in the driveway with the tent opened up until it is sunny again and dries out so it doesn't mildew all to heck? You are.

When I was in Montana and camping for 2-3 days a 2 hours drive from the nearest gas station it wasn't bad. But once I moved back east I didn't even use it but once and then sold it as soon as I could.

Get a canvas Kodiak instead - something you can stand up in.

Good luck with ownership and welcome to the club.

Get a rack and put cots and whatnot up there when you travel if you have a bad back, and a good inflatable insulate mattress from REI or similar. You'll still come out thousands in the pocket over a RTT and be a lot more comfortable.
Ok I'll check out discoweb! Thanks.

Haha I understand RTT problems. I've never been in too wet of an environment with them, but traveled through the AUS outback in one attached to a Toyota Hatchback haha. It's still just a thought and something I'm not fully committed too. I'll be moving back to Wyoming/Utah here in the next 6 months is sounds like so we're not going to be dealing with too much rain unless there's a snowstorm. I've also been looking at the awning style ones that sit on the side. That is something I'm pretty interested in. I hate to get away from my regular tent, minimalist style, but after this hip surgery I'm going to be treating my body a little bit better!
Hey thanks al! Found the Rave manual the other day. Now have it saved on nearly every device and in my drop box/google drive.