NEW (TO ME) 1200 GS


Got a 2010 1200 GS with 18K miles the other day. Luggage things are big enough to rent out for wedding receptions, and lots of driving lights, airhorns, etc. Only weighs about 14,000 pounds.

Great bike to ride around town - smooth, fairly quiet, very technical-looking...:sombrero:


They are a lot of bke

Mo and I just got back from Las Vegas. While there, we looked at the new 1200 GSA. That is a whole lot of bike, especially when compared to my 2011 KLR. I have not gotten to ride on but a friend and I are going to rent a couple for two days as soon as it cools off. There definitely is a whole lot of switches, controls and lights on that bike.


You meet some great folks on GSs. I saw a ton of those at those at the Expo last year and the folks that rode them where a real nice bunch!


Looking at this thing, it kind of reminds me of one of those complex and expensive Italian cappuchino machines with all the levers, valves,etc. This one has driving lights, fog lights, even side-facing leds.

I just need to figure out where the coffee grounds go...


Haha...love it! I bought a new 1200 GSA a few weeks ago after 2 months trouncing around the Yukon and Alaska adventuring with my wife. I to was surprised by the amount of switches, controls but the overall performance of the Moto...damn impressive! I use all the switches and got it figured out pretty quick...best switch is the Navigation mouse on the left grip...roll forward and it zooms in, roll backwards and it zooms out, push left and new screen, hahah it's awesome. I've been riding Motos my entire life and rode everyday for work for 6 years and the 1200 GSA is an amazing ride. I'm riding every few days now and getting ready for some big trips. Our Alaska / Yukon trip was 12,745 miles so we'll keep the Moto trips under a few thousand to start.



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Welcome to the GS family. Picked my triple black 2017 last week. Absolutely love it!

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