New to exploring trails...lots of questions


So, I grew up in East Texas on the Louisiana border so I'm not new to forests, country living, wheeling etc etc but I am new to being gone from home in woods for more than a couple days. I currently have a 2014 JKUR with 35's, OBA, 2.5" lift and some other random stuff done to it, more or less setup for rock crawling not so much for multiple day adventures in a national forest so I'm trying to get an idea on some basic things I should add to my vehicle that you would consider a necessity to run something like the ozark rally next year. Here is a complete list of what I have done currently and in the near future. I'm open to any suggestions and or bashing, I've spent time on so nothing will hurt my feelings.

So far this is what has been done to it.

SOLD hard top
SOLD tires/wheels
SOLD shocks
rotate swaybar disconnect
Seat move back 1"
Remove spare tire and build plate cover
hitch carrier
Relocate license plate & light
front skid - lower control arm mounts
Rock Slider Steps
stubby antenna
Vacuum pump relocation bracket
Interior LED's
CB handheld
rock lights/switch/pod
rear seat recline
quick disconnect mirrors
VIAIR air compressor
recovery strap and shackles
body lift 1.25"
20" LED/switch/brackets for small leds
skid - oil pan/trans pan/exhaust loop
HOME MADE - front bumper/stinger/leds/hitch
RIDDLER - diff covers
JCROFFROAD - Rear Bumper w/LED's
35" KM2 AND MB CHAOS 5 15X8
ORH soft top
SMITTYBILT - XRC fender flares
Bilstein 5100 Shocks
SYNERGY - Drag Link Flip
JKS - Front track bar bracket & steering stabalizer relocate
TERAFLEX - Rear track bar bracket
ROUGH COUNTRY - 2.5" budget spacers
METALCLOAK - Rear sway bar links
SYNERGY - Adjustable Front track bar


Winch smittybilt X2O 10,000
Exhaust spacer
METALCLOAK - Front sway bar links
METALCLOAK - Control arms
METALCLOAK - 3.5" Springs
FOX - Shocks
Brake lines
Cargo cover
skid - gas tank
half doors & padded armrests
Action Cam
slush mats
Hi Lift
hood lock
CO2 setup
RUGGED RIDGE - snorkel
under seat storage


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A multi-day setup is all about camping comfort...
Water enough to cover each person for a couple of days if you have the ability to refill along the way
Food enough as above
A way to wash up even if it is just heating water in a pan and wiping down with washcloths...or babywipes
Camping gear of your style...tent, sleep pad, bag and chairs....But remember the stuff that is fine for an overnighter might not be comfy enough for many nights in a row.
I have all my flashlights & headlamps run on AA batteries (Sanyo Eneloops) and I have a 12vdc charger so I can use my lights as much as I want and charge when driving during the day.
Cooler & block ice or a fridge to keep the food good.
Lot of snacks and drinks for driving and camp time.

Games stuff for out of the rig for the kids or yourself.

Good maps & a compass and the ability to use them...GPS is nice and a shortwave radio is fun in camp to listen to BBC or something different.


I guess it really depends on what a "multiple day adventure" consists of. But looking at your future mod list, a couple of suggestions come to mind.

First off (as indicated) a winch. Allows you to go exploring on your own, and allows for you to tackle a trail you might not do if you didn't want to dig. Before getting my winch I passed on lots of trails due to one obstacle, and me not wanting to have to dig myself out. I probably could have made it through that just fine, and if I'd had a winch, I would have attempted most of them (due to ideal tree placements).

Others (in no particular order). A fridge. I've had mine now for 4 years... and couldn't imagine camping and road trips without it. A highlift. Has helped me out almost as much as my winch has - and it's cheap. It's just a pain in the butt to haul around. I fit mine under my rear seats if they're up. Or will just lay it down in the back if they're down. But you never need one, until you really need one. CO2 setup. I have OBA - however have never once used it, due to also having a Power Tank. I love the CO2... but it's an expensive mod, and one I could likely do without for a while.

For the snorkel just make sure that it will work with whatever plans you have for a roof rack, light bar or A pillar lights. I'd also probably pass on the gas tank skid - unless you play in the rocks - the stock one is fairly decent.

Otherwise, just make sure to pack some decent tools, and some recovery gear (straps and D links). I usually always take an axe, a small saw and a shovel. I have a tote that has some tools, jumper cables, TP, duck tape, electrical tape, bailing wire, electrical wire, fuses, oil and some survival gear (candles, fire starter, matches, emergency blankets, first aid, etc). Sounds like a lot, but in reality it's not much at all. Most people on here pack a LOT more crap... errr stuff than I do. Other than my spare tire, some oil and perhaps coolant (really depending on where I'm going), I don't normally take any spares.
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I have most of the saws, machete, recovery gear, first aid etc etc I just forgot to list it.

On the fridge subject...I see they range anywhere from a $100-$ you have a suggestion? And what size hi lift for my vehicle? My multi day idea would be 3 nights max, basically a long weekend of exploring the whatever mountain trails and camping along the way.


I have a little fridge (Waeco 24L), that I bought 3 (?) years ago. At the time, I spent ~450 CND on it, with the cover (not inc shipping). I tried to balance size vs price (aka the biggest I could get with what I could afford). 24L is fine for a long weekend depending on how you cook and pack (if you're a avid cook, it might be small, if you like smokies you'll have lots of room). It's big enough to keep some milk, veggies, meat, condiments and a 6 pack cold (I cycle beer in as I remove it). I wouldn't go any smaller... and if I had a family I would need a bigger one.

Depending on your budget, figure out the measurements and make a cardboard box roughly the same size... then pack it with what you'd want to take camping. But I looked at this as an investment, and didn't see the point of getting a really small one. And if I could have afforded one that was bigger (30/36L?), I likely would have grabbed one of those. Now at some point I'll be upgrading this one. Likely end up having one for the trailer and one for the jeep. But am in no rush.

I haven't tried using my jack (48") on this JK... but I don't see why it would be an issue. When I used it on my 07 (2.5" BB), I didn't get anywhere near the top of it to get the tires off the ground.


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An ARB 47l is good for 4 to 5 days with careful selection of food and square containers. We also pack a similar sized dry goods bin, and with the luxury of 25 gallons of water in the camper, are able to setup and stay for that time frame without resupply or leaving camp. We do carry a Goal Zero 30W suitcase type solar panel to assist the G31 batteries.

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a few thoughts

get some heavy duty springs cause you will carry some loads I like ome and think about a power inverter for running 120 volt I out on in and love it I ca n use all sorts of port tools