New?? Suzuki Jimny looks like baby Wrangler/Gelandewagen


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Not sure what the road laws are like in that country. Looks like it handles as poorly as a Chevy Express van. Or the driver was drunk.


Love it... my wife has told me we should get one :)

We had a 2007 Suzuki Jimny that we had for a decade, these things are awesome.

put a set of decent tires on and they go almost anywhere, im tempted to tow it behind our campervan.


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Definitely won’t be available in USA for street use. But what about importing them as off-highway vehicles, like a side by side UTV? Mahindra is planning to build a Jeep-like off-road vehicle in Michigan, and sell it alongside the company’s UTVs.

Suzuki has a web site with details about the new Jimmy here. It takes forever to load, but if you’re patient you can see details about this wonderful little vehicle.


The 5th of July isn't that far away for the global release launch.

I'm looking forwards to seeing the engine specs.

just hoping they release it here again in Aussie, which it should.

Although it most likely be the 1.5 litre NA, as we tend to get the same RHD spec as the JPN market

The Jimny seirra wide body looks like its running 195/80 R15


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1.5 NA engine gives something around 105 hp and 140-145 Nm of torque. I found also the fuel consumption figures as 15km/l (5MT, 35 mpg) - and 13 km/l (4AT, 32 mpg) from here.

This is not what I ,actually, want. Since I live in Europe, I hope to get the 3-cyl 1.0L turbo with 112 hp and 170 Nm of torque. This should be much better than the 1.5L NA in both acceleration and mileage. Also there are some rumors about 6-speed AT for the euro-spec Jimny, although 5-speed MT is not a problem for me.

Another important thing for me is the safety systems. New Jimny has 6 airbags, emergency braking system with camera and lidar (or whatever it uses for this purpose), ESP and etc.

Overall, it seems to be a great rig to buy and drive nowdays. Bullet-proof chassis, economical and torquey engine, modern assistance/safety features, and the low price. The only extra wish is the long-wheel base option, as Jeep JKU. I hope, Suzuki wants to repeat its success.


Awesome news today, The Jimny is being released in Australia.

We are getting the 1.5 ltr engine, so it'll be similar to my old Jimny as there is only 20 Nm and 12.5 kW power increase.

They are releasing it in Q1 2019, so not long now.

I like the Ivory/black two tone, the Jungle Green and the Mid grey colour :unsure:

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I dont understand that it only has 4 automatic, today 2018/2019 it should be like 8 or 9 or similar and they gas milage would be much better and the accelaration. In 2002 Jeep Wrangler TJ had 4 automatic. The new Jeep Wrangler JL has a 8 speed automatic