NEW Superwinch 9500 Tiger w/Warn Spydura syn rope (SoCal)

I've got a brand new Superwinch 9500 that I upgraded with 90ft of 3/8 Warn Spydura rope, plus a new Blueline gusseted thimble! I need to swap this model out for a smaller winch on the current build so this one is up for sale.

You can pick up near LA in SoCal. Can meet at Frontrunner. Shipping would probably be too high to mess with.

Sorry for the crappy pic. It's on the project bench. The thing on the top is the new remote still in the bag.

$640!! (This is about $900 in stuff!)


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Someone backed out of buying after I boxed it up and had it weighed, etc for shipping so it's ready to go. I found out shipping is about $95.

I can let it go for $700 total, shipped, as long as shipping doesnt go over that estimate. New pic.



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Is the rope sleeved for heat / abrasion protection? Is that the red part in the original photo? Include remote? And can that control box be relocated? Thanks - new to this so sorry for the questions.
Yes the rope has a robust heat sleeve on it. In real-world use you rarely need it. It's only when a planetary winch powers out for a long while do the drums heat up. (The older but generally no longer made double-cone brakes were actually greased and don't heat up much, for anyone interested in a winch history lesson.) There's no abrasion sleeve on it as I don't find them very useful in actual winching but I can give you one I have laying around if you want.

Yes these control boxes can be put anywhere by extending the cables (I make custom cables too). By the way all of these 9500's have the Albright contactors in them; no more solenoids to mess with. I did an install on a Gwagen where I located the control box on the inner fender and put a wireless receiver on it