New rig to start building


So just bought me a new toy. 91 Bronco eddie bauer edition. Sold the Xterra (already miss it but time for something new).
Will be slower than the Xterra build most likely bc now i am married ha. Well on to the pictures.
Day i bought it (steps have now been pulled off):

First mod.... not done yet but close. First time welding so I now the welds do not look too good but once i grind them down and paint it, it will all look good. There is room between the frame behind the bumper for a winch plate when the money and time comes. I will be adding clevis points and D rings to the fron as well. Might do a small bar on the bumper as well, but cant decide on the style yet.

the bumper will continue around the sides a little when all is done


5.0 or 5.8?

I had an 87 back in the day. Great truck, stout drivetrain for up to 35 inch tires. Will want to re-gear if you go larger than 31's. Wheel wells can handle close to a 35 without lift, so no need for an expensive lift kit, just trim a bit when needed. Would still have one, if not for the three kids... Oh yeah, the drivers side manifold is probably cracked, and the timing chain needs to be changed(the stock one has plastic gears). Power windows use plastic drive gears also. You can buy replacement metal gears for way cheaper than a new motor assembly.

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Thanks! Its been a lot of fun learning how to do it. Just wish I had a plasma cutter so it would go a little smoother and faster. A bumper this large takes quite a free cutting wheels.