new rider and new to overlanding


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Hi guys. Im not new to camping (Eagle Scout) or road tripping but im a new rider (riding for a season). Just got backe from Overland Expo 2016 and I really wanna do some overlanding on my bike. So I got a 1974 yamaha DT250 2 stroke. Picked it up for a $150 all I had to do was clean the take and carb still nee to do some maintenance but its a good bike! I still need to get a good set of riding gear (recommendations?). I want somthing good but dont want to break the bank (collage student) but after I get that what is everyone's recommendation for someone who is just starting out? I haven't ridden long distance just around town and on trails. Im excited for all of the adventures in my future!!



Yes! That DT is sweet!

With my KE, I've just strapped basic camper gear to it and hit the road.

Here's my bike set up for my last week long trip.


I got loaned a set of KLIM riding stuff (jacket and pants), and it's very nice and all, but it's also really expensive if you were gonna go out and buy it. You might want to be sure you like riding before investing a big time purchase. So maybe you could find some used (although that's still apt to be a wad o' cash...)

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