New product debut by Four Wheel Campers

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I like it! Makes total sense given the drama over the gofast style shells. Gives them a potentially higher production product that probably creates more brand reach.


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This is pretty much exactly the camper I would go for if (or when) replacement of my WilderNest becomes necessary.


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nice to see more product in the market that specifically caters to the tacoma's weak payload & maintains the utility of the truck


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Well, that vid was about 4 months ago so maybe since then they’ve seen the absolute feeding frenzy caused by the explosive popularity of the GFC’s,, and they’ve decided that supply and demand means they can get a higher price?

I’d be tempted at $8, not so much at $9.5...
Looks like they ended up at $9K according to their instagram. Pre-orders starting now. They posted some new interior photos.

I have a Tacoma and went with the GFC route. This thing offers a lot more space than the GFC but at a weight penalty + prominent exterior. GFC / Vagabond seems better for a daily driver.

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I like it except the diamond plate. Why is diamond plate a thing?
Says in the vid smooth and hopefully lighter normal siding is available. Although that may already be "fake" diamond plate that is lighter.

I would pony up the premium over Vagabond and GFC just to not give a free loan and wait 1.5 years.


Both the FWC and the Vagabond have features I like,not waiting for a year, or more,and it looks like the FWC bed might have more headroom.