New Off Road Teardrop home away from home!


Hi Paddlequest, Nice Taco and awesome trailer!!! Safe travels. I am looking forward to reading about your adventures. Cheers


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Safe travels! Nice trailer!!!! Be sure to lock down the propane can. You might explore ideas for covering it, less chances of attracting attention to it, that and clean fittings when you need fill it up. What a great trip!! Get a kill switch key fob or something on the truck. Couple of socal surfer buddies have done big trips south they all use some kind of kill switch on their trucks after loosing a few down south. But they've been doing those trips for 30+yrs and have lost three rigs. The bigger deal is having the trip screwed up by car theft they are more concerned about that than the actual loss of the truck.


Gotta say, I'm jealous! Few questions, what was final weight of trailer and how does taco do pulling it, engine, tranny wise? Safe travels!

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Hi there,
Reporting in from just north of Los Angeles. Its been 3 marathon days of driving from Red Deer back to BC's coast, then the last two days down I5 towards LA. Its been a hectic pace as I have meetings to be at in LA day after tomorrow, or I would have chosen a more leisurely trip down the coast!
The trailer is awesome. It weighs in at around 2600 lb with water tank and propane full. The Taco pulls it quite well, though it has a significant effect on the gas mileage...and not for the better. I did put 33" tires on the truck and trailer though, so have to think there is a combo effect going on there. Add to that I have a sea kayak and a river kayak strapped to the top of the cap on the truck. They don't help with gas mileage that is for sure! Today while traveling south I wondered if re-gearing the truck might help, but the tranny doesn't seem to be working too too hard.
I will provide more feedback as I get to know the trailer under various conditions better. Off to bed for me now....long day of driving! Tomorrow, a Baja rack goes on over the cab...then the transformation will be complete.
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Hi Paddlequest! Haven't seen any updates in a while. How are you liking the trailer after a month and a half. Has it been through any heavy rains or snows? How far are you into Mexico? Safe travels man!


Hi brushogger.
I am sorry to report that the trailer is not in my possession anymore. I experienced many warranty issues on the drive down south and ended up turning around in Los Mochis, Mexico to return the trailer for a refund. I was extremely disappointed as this trailer was my dream set up. The lads at BlackRain and Off Grid Trailers were class acts throughout and treated me very fairly in a difficult situation for everyone. They tell me they have sorted out the issues I experiened.
I hope to pull an off road capable teardrop trailer again someday in the future. Not sure how or when that mght work out though.
I didn't end up getting my truck down south either over Christmas as I ran out of time. I am making another go at it mid to late June. I won't be pulling a trailer this time but going back to dirtbag sleep in the back of my truck status. A location I am well familiar with!
The adventures continue!!!


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Bummer. I was looking forward to hearing about your adventure. Though I can imagine that hauling any trailer south can involve a good shake down period before your in places where complicated fixes can pose unique challeges.

Go south!! Dirt bag ;-)
Looking forward to reading your adventures...


Yup was a major bummer. He is outfitting his Tacoma to bring down though or refitting it for the trip down. Not sure if he has it finished or not. Think he is probably on the road down if it all worked out.




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Hi paddlequest,
what were your problems with the trailer? I was looking at buying one of these Off Grid teardrop trailers in the near future, but I might think twice after seeing this.