As Justin says the stock skid plates look to be made from used world war 2 era tin cans Land Rover found laying around the countryside. Don't trust that to protect your low hanging vulnerable gas tank. The Proud Rhino gas tank skid plate is made from 3/8 Aluminum to help keep the already heavy trucks weight down. They easily bolt in using existing hardware and no modifications are needed to install. Hit the trails with confidence knowing your gas tank will be there when you are done. $508 plus shipping.


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Nice to see more aluminum options. Would be nice to see an aluminum version of the Tactical skid. I like the t44 version because it has bends for strength, and its easier to clean the sand/mud out of it with the vents. Why is it perfectly flat? Won't that bend more easily?

I bet it weights a LOT less that my steel t44! OMG..

Here is some photos of when it was new and not dirty. (Spray metalized with aluminum by zincnation and powdercoated locally)