New LifeP04 System wiring assistance please...


Hello all and looking for some expert advise.. I am pulling out my old AGM out of the trailer and am designing and will be wiring in a new LifeP04 charging system. On the positive/output side of the Battleborn battery i plan to use a BlueSea battery disconnect switch, a RedArc low voltage disconnect and a midi use. (Will be using a victron smart shunt on the negative side).

My questions are:

1. In what order should i wire midi fuse, battery disconnect and low voltage disconnect ? I was thinking from the battery terminal going out: fuse, disconnect switch then Redarc low voltage disconnect.

2. Re: the Victron SmartShunt. I know all negative side of circuits need to connect flow through the shunt so it can then measure input/output. That said can i have the shunt connected to the same/common grounding point as all other circuits and that will be ok?

Thank you electrical gurus!

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??? The order shown in the diagram. Normally, the fuse is as close to the battery as possible, but you could install a master kill switch even closer. Are you trying to isolate the battery or the load? If the latter, then put the switch next to the load you are isolating.

But, much as I love REDARC, talk to Battle Born. Do you really need a low voltage cut out? Beyond the BMS already built into the Battle Born battery? (N.B. If you think you are going ever pull the Battle Born battery to the point that the BMS triggers, you need more batteries.)


What you propose is best. Starting at battery, Fuse should always be first and as close to battery as practical. From there, it not as critical. But I would suggest masterswitch second. Especially so if the low voltage device internally draws power to operate and you want that also disconnected under control of the masterswitch.
Thank you!

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I don’t think i will (hopefully) ever come close to drawing down the battery to its own internal low voltage cutoff point as this will be in a teardrop and it will “just” be running a fridge, lights and a stereo. (I also have 100w of solar on the roof). I wanted to add the additional low voltage cutoff to one just to be safe and two i understand the BMS will allow me to draw down the battery to potentially below what the Redarc bcdc “likes”. If too low, the Redarc will not try to recharge the battery until a jump pack or the like raises the voltage high enough. I am no where close to being an expert but was trying to do the right thing to keep the $$$$ battery safe.

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No need for the low-voltage-disconnect with the Lithium. Replace the fuse and master/disconnect with a single Blue Sea 187-series breaker.

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