New Jerry Cans, acetone/paint smell?

Outside somewhere

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I've got two new EU made jerry can's and need to know if I have to do anything to them before I put fuel in them? I cleaned out the metal shavings in them, filled them with water to test for leaks and they are good to go.

Now maybe this is normal for these but the smell coming out of these things is crazy. Even before and after I rinsed them out. It's a super strong chemical smell. Maybe from the interior sealing paint and being closed up? Does this dissipate? Can I go ahead and put fuel in these? Thanks.


I bought mine about 4 years ago, and I don't remember the smell, 'super strong' or otherwise, but I probably wouldn't have made too much bother about it. It's paint, after all. Maybe check a small spot of the paint to make sure it's hard and doesn't scape off easily.