New guy here...Hi everybody (3G Montero)


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Hello! I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Zaid and I live in Phoenix.
I've been lurking for a couple of weeks while finding a Montero and I finally picked one. I ended up picking up a 2005 Soprano Silver Limited. 208k miles and in decent condition. Not a bad deal at $2500. Solid car and very clean. Engine is strong.

It has the trans case selection/solenoid issue but should be an easy job for me to tackle so I'm not worried about it too much.
On the drive home, the traction control lights came on and stayed on and I'm hoping you guys can point me in the right direction.

I plan to do some light overlanding/camping so the mod plans are as follows:
- Springs/ shocks/ 33s (likely going with K02s)
- 16x8 et -10 wheels (Turbomacs)
- roof rack basket
- some cheap Amazon lights/light bar
- new audio
- all the camping goodies

Some questions for my new buddies:
- I understand that I will need the hubcentric rings, but is a et -10 offset too far out? Any experience with rubbing with that setup on 33s?
- I don't see myself getting heavy bumpers so medium duty springs should be fine right?
- anything I should keep an eye out for?

Thank you and I look forward to being part of this group.



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Get all the neglected maintenance items updated ASAP unless you have documentation to verify that service was performed. #1 priority before the cosmetic/ farkles.
Welcome to the pack, Jack.

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Grab an FSM from the link in my signature. The 2003 and 2005 versions will work for yours with the 3.8l engine.

Traction Control lights active are a pending check engine light. They clear when ignition is turned off. You will have to get a code reading while the lights are active to see the code.
Since the 3.8l has throttle by wire, it disables the stability control to prevent it from adjusting throttle while the engine detects an issue. Probably something minor like a vacuum leak.


Nice looking rig at a reasonable price...well done.
Here's wishing you many miles of adventure!
Welcome aboard


Great job grabbing that one, I was just behind you in line if you passed on it!

1. Join “Mitsubishi Gen3 Squad” for the most active gen3 group. Use the search for all tech questions as pretty much everything jas been covered multiple times in that group.

2. Definitely download the free FSM as Michael said.

3. Yes, your tires will rub. There’s a good chance you’ll have some light rubbing with 33s regardless of offset but anything farther out than +15 will make the rubbing impact the bumper and cab corner when turning. Inside of that offset the rubbing will likely oy occur at the very top of the wheel well under full compression at speed. If your lift results in 2” then there won’t be any rubbing but often the lift kits net less than that depending on the added weight on the springs.

4. Medium duty coils sound right for you. For Lovells Springs for example, you need around 90lbs of constant added weight at the front and 150lbs in the rear as a minimum to justify HD springs.

5. Endless things to look out for on these rigs, especially with high milage.

- unless owner provided documentation of timing belt service within 60k using OEM parts, you should do that first. Lucky for you, the best Montero mechanic is in PHX, PM for his contact info.
-smoke test exhaust and intake system to check for vac leaks (if you have any cels or poor fuel economy)
-inspect suspension, all the bushings and joints are likely at the end of their life at 200k.
-all fluids

6. check out my build thread for detailed info on a lot of this stuff

7. check out my company Luso Overland for parts and accessories



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Welcome! Let us know when it's ready to go wheeling! I'm also in Phoneix


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Man! I feel all the love!

So a little update:

Car had apparently been sitting for a while. Drove it around for a bit and ran the t-case through all the speeds. It's no longer beeping/not engaging. All is well with the 4wd.... For now!

CEL was a P0174 and that cleared itself as well... for now. Again, I think it's just because it had been sitting for a while.

As soon as this semester is over I'm going to compile a list of everything that needs to be changed. No matter the condition, I want to change out all the bushings in the suspension, all the easy sensors, and double check the timing belt service. I know the owner had recently done the water pump.

Good to meet you all!