New Fuso 4x4


There are some things that can be done to prolong the life of a diesel engine, but until we stop shoving hot, dirty air back into the engine, reliability will continue to suffer greatly. There is NO diesel emissions system on the market today that is well sorted and reliable, not a single one.

Ask anyone who tunes performance or racing cars, what an engine wants. The answer is cool, clean, dense, dry air, NOT filthy hot air recirculated from an EGR or a 1200*F turbo charger.

Have you ever heard of a cold air intake? Why do you replace or clean your air filter? If your engine wanted hot dirty air, filled with pollution and unburned hydrocarbons, it would run better with that air fed into the intake. It does not.

Buy old trucks without emissions equipment, maintain your engine properly, run good clean fuel, preferably with a water and air separation system and if you are concerned about complete combustion, add RUG, HHO or propane injection. All three have proven themselves to drastically reduce emission without the negative side effects of DEF, SCR or DPF. Why does the industry not use what is proven and instead decide to stick with expensive, over-complicated, unreliable garbage? Well......


We have a 2004. My 2 cents are that if you are doing anything other than forest service roads get a Fuso with a 2 speed transfer case. The Duonic is Moronic.
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How common are the 4x4 models here in the states? I can't find any new 4x4 models listed at dealers but maybe I am not searching for the right thing?!
I was looking for something similar recently.
I ended up talking to these guys, they seemed to have reasonable prices for Fusos or NPRs that they convert to 4x4.
Not affiliated in any way, might be worth research and a call.



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I believe there is an old thread on here somewhere about them.
That is where I found them. Surprisingly not a lot of info though for this sought after platform.
The person I spoke to there stated they send a lot of their converted trucks to farms in Central and South America.
They use all parts for existing vehicles, nothing is custom or fabricated. Makes service and obtaining parts easier.