New frontier pro 4x owner, want to upgrade / lift my rig.

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My truck will be here in a few months, I want to have the suspension bought and ready to go on when it gets to the dealer. I am looking for a couple of inches higher, able to take the weight of the arb bumper/winch combo, be able to tow a camping trailer (I don’t mind using air bags for this), and be able to ride smooth over higher speed fire roads, with ruts and potholes, while still giving good on road manners and grip while slow wheeling. What are some options? The only requirement is no cutting off anything. I’m open to anything else. Oh, it’s got to handle 285s.


If you haven’t already, look at the Club Frontier forum. If you have a suspension question, or practically any other, the answers are there


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Nisstec is a good choice. I bought my Frontier new in 2011, still going strong.

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Cool thank bob...yeah fronty, the reason I bought the frontier is the tried and true platform. 15 years of evolution is great and pretty well any issue that was ever discovered is long gone now. I am going to shoot an email to nisstec, tell them what I am going to be doing, and see what they say.


Second oem hd from nisstec. Handles my front arb with winch and my loaded bed no problem. I have towed trailers fully loaded and with the hd rears NEVER needed airbags. That being said though my truck always has weight in it. Even with a fully loaded truck you’re looking 1.5 ish inches of lift.


32k miles on my OME setup now.

HD coils/struts in front with ARB bumper, no winch.
Medium Dakar leafs in the back. Used to have a ~140 lb roof tent over the bed, now I have a ~40 lb cargo tray.

I don't know if it will clear 285's without rubbing, you'd have to ask others. I run 235/85R16's with plenty of room leftover.

No issues yet with bottoming out the suspension offroad or sagging in the rear with a full load. Several gallons each of gas and water and a weeks worth of camping supplies gets me about level in the back. I daily drive the truck; even empty, it rides nicer than my wife's stock JKU.


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I have ome HD all the way around, arb winch and a few hundred pounds of gear in the back. Fast isn't something my truck does, sounds like you need full custom rear springs with bags for when carrying camper, and remote resivors up front with new UCAs.

I did the full OME kit from happy with it. Since I have a HeftyFabworks steel bumper, I went with the HD springs for the front. You should also check out forums, the most active site for Xterra owners (and there's a lot of similarities with the Xterra & Frontier)...lots of great information (and a great resource for help).
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Nisstec also works with Alcan for custom rear springs if needed, which based on your plans is what it sounds like you'll need.