New FG Owner with Newbie Questions

Hello everyone, longtime reader excited to be a new poster. :)

I just picked up a 2014 FG / ECFX. The truck has 49k miles on it and I wouldn't say the previous owner took very good care of it (east coast truck).

I've only driven it about 1000 miles so far, but I wanted to ask about a few quirks:

1) There are times when I'm cruising on the highway at 65-70mph with a steady throttle where the motor will blip up ~200rpms for a split second. Seems like the clutch unlocks for just a moment. It's not all the time, but when it's happening it'll happen every 5 minutes or so for a little while. Most of the time it's rock solid and behaves like you would expect. How concerned would anyone be about that?

2) The chassis seems to be slightly bound up at full lock, especially on non flat ground while doing something like a 3 point turn. Definitely feels like I'm scrubbing the tires a little. I've had the truck with and without the hubs locked, but never been in a full lock with 4x4 enabled. Is that normal?

3) The dash seems to be behaving a little oddly. The clock is not remotely consistent. The time was 8 to 45 minutes wrong over the course of my two day trip. The service tracking does not seem to be working for anything except the fuel filter age and the cruise control doesn't work. Speedo/odo seem to work correctly and mostly accurately (super single tire size introduces an ~7% error).

That's it so far! I'm sure I'll have more questions as I use the vehicle more and more. Really looking forward to my first trip to Baja in two weeks. If anyone has recommendations for tire pressures with Toyo MT for asphalt, hard pack/washboard and sand I'd love to hear them.



not sure what is meant by "bound up chassis", however, in FG649 starting to move with fullish lock I think my limited slip rear diff binds a bit then slips. Changing diff oil improved lots.


Not to start the obvious but just in case see if you have any codes, for the rpm the first thing I'd do is fuel filter and air filter then valve adjustment then injectors. The electrical, have your batteries tested, if they're good time to start pulling your dash and look for a problem with the harness and grounds. These rigs turn tighter than most small cars so you might not be used to the tire scrub nose? If you hear it you are doing a little damage to your tires, if you want them to last longer try to avoid it.

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Seems like cruise control was my issue. Looks like you can't use it while the exhaust brake is engaged, so I'll try that again in the morning.

LSD kicking in sounds right if it's as tight as you say. Thanks!


Hello Warrant Chief & welcome to the EC Family.

A 2014 truck with 49,000 miles ought to be in it's last year of the 5 year powertrain warranty. I suggest you contact Fuso with the VIN # and see what work has been done and how much warranty remains. At the same time see if there are any service bulletins or service recalls for the truck. 2014's can suffer some correctable problems with the emissions system (especially DEF) and Fuso seems happy to rectify them at their cost, but that enthusiasm may wain once out of warranty.

Our 2014 would feel "locked up" as you mention when cold. In our case some research for the proper Fuso limited slip differential oil cleared up the problem.




You are indeed correct, the cruise control can’t be used when the exhaust brake is engaged.

Having a Duonic transmission, the transmission will only downshift one gear when the cruise control is on. If it needs to downshift another gear, the cruise control will disengage. First time it happens it’s like, WTH.

Front tire scrubbing is normal for these trucks. Especially with an aggressive tread pattern. Fuso recommends a tire rotation every 6000 miles.
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Does that Duonic transmission have a lock up feature? Our 80 Series Landcruiser has about a 200rpm difference between locked and unlocked.


It's not "bound up"....You're feeling friction because you're scrubbing your tires off. Because of the geometry of the FG which allows that 37' turning radius (the same as a Mini-Cooper)....Your toe-out on turns is about 4.5" (measured at the rear of the tires)....pigeon toed or like snowplowing with skis.....I don't do full lock turns on pavement...unless I'm showing off....For reference, when going straight, your tires are "pigeon toed" about an eighth of an inch....You could theoretically go zero toe and your truck would turn quicker w/ less effort but it won't track well going down the road at speed.

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Do check with FUSO for recalls, they are doing an extensive fuel system recall on (I think) pre 2016 trucks. Also check for any leaking seals and get those attended to before you run out of warranty. Tire pressures, (I run BFG TA KO2s) on pavement I run 65, on corrugations and rough dirt tracks 45, on sand, deep snow 35. As for the other ?s I cannot improve on the above responses. Do feel free to contact me with any ?s or just to talk about your rig. And welcome to the EC family.
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315/75R16, Weight, all tanks full, just over 12,000lbs (5500kgs).
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I have exactly the same tyres but running on 48 (cold) on tar, 30 sand but my rig in under 4500kg (9900 lbs) fully loaded. I noticed at 55psi, a bulge in the middle of the tread.

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I have exactly the same tyres but running on 48 (cold) on tar, 30 sand but my rig in under 4500kg (9900 lbs) fully loaded. I noticed at 55psi, a bulge in the middle of the tread.
My contact patch with my BFG TA KO2s is about perfect with full load and those pressures and the fact that I have 27,000 miles on them and they are at about 50% tread life confirms that those pressures work well.
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