New Electric Rivian Truck To Challenge Land Rover

Will it have a solar powered winch? or a freezer/fridge?
I really don't see a challenge here except for in the 'looks like' dept.
I think Bollinger is more of a direct rival rival with it's homage ala defender:

Also, because it's a small business, they have a bigger opportunity on deciding how to get it made. I would like to see this more of a realm of possibility...


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400 mile range is pretty damn good for a E truck or E SUV. The Bolinger only has a 150 mile usable range. If the Bolinger had a 400 mile range it would be a contender. An electric off road vehicle would be pretty darn sweet, way better than a diesel or gas powered vehicle.


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Do you plug it into the nearest cactus to charge it? Perhaps a solar powered boulder? Get real people.
with the horseless carriage what are you going to do? You can't pull over and water and feed it to keep about your way, you have to find specific " filling station" and PAY for "fuel". I tell you, the automobile will never be anything more than a rich mans toy.
This is a bit off the mark for the common market but Nikola is producing an all-electric UTV already built off the Marine's Reckless NZT. Electric is coming to off-road market but I would expect it's going to take the initial plunge with quick-release battery packs first to extend range. Expect to see some BAJA time first for their UTV.

Nikola Reckless NZT