New Defender News


New Defender 90 Bowler.

P300 with cage etc.
On 18s with KO2 tyres.

check out the modified areas for the sill areas.
Had a good chat with the guys and while doing so a guy at the landy show bought one of them for the competition!

They are developing parts and kit for both 90 and 110 and will be making them up for sale eventually for people to buy.

Land Rover have asked them to really focus on these models and see what they can do/come up with.

exciting times ahead then for more parts for off road use in time.


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Very interesting. I had thought that the pickup version was dead. I'd love to see one revived though. I also think it is beneficial to see that the 130 will be mostly but not ALL rear overhang. If you're going to make a big family hauler, break over angle is going to be less than ideal anyway, so may as well make the back door openings bigger to get in the third row of seats.

I'm a little nervous about the Defender going more "upmarket." That was the same thing that Land Rover said about the Discovery so that the Defender could stay more "utilitarian." That and the fact that you could spec a Defender 110 with coil springs for 2022 models (not that they'll actually build you one with the chip shortage) made me optimistic that Land Rover was taking the potential competition from the Grenadier seriously. And the more options the better for us as far as I'm concerned. Hopefully they keep the 90 and some of the more basic specs like coil springs available to those that want them despite the upmarket push. Seems a little surprising to me though since JLR had said that Jaguar was done chasing the Germans, but that seems to be exactly the move that Land Rover is making now with moving everything upmarket. Fingers crossed that the more off road touring versions are still available in a few years when I'm ready to buy one.