New DC to DC Charger From Renogy-20 amps or 40 amps-Flooded/AGM/GEL/Lithium


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oh definitely, the lower voltage batteries only need half the cells in the same general space.. all things equal a 6v battery will always have thicker plates and more lead-per-cell than a 12v, and thats what makes a deep cycle really.. if you can fit two 6v under the hood do it, though you'll probably have to settle for a tiny lil deka starting battery but there's nothing really wrong with that.. you dont really need a big heavy battery just for getting your engine running, especially if you have a nice house bank for everything else.


No. The DCDC goes near the target battery.

A dedicated round trip circuit of thick enough* gauge from the Alt/Starter circuit to the DCDC.

With an Anderson in between.

*depends on current and round trip distance, see Blue Sea Circuit Wizard app. A 3-5% voltage drop is OK if you want to save money, but do not skimp so much you risk a fire, Fuse of course will help, set 15-20% higher current


This spot has a deal for Memorial Day, they are sold out of the 20A as Renogy is sold out too... Supposed to get stock in July i was told.

Regardless the 40A can be bought for 160$ till Tomorrow.

Anyone order from them before?

Edit: Adjusted date as memorial sale ends the 31 but renogy sale ends tomo
I have the 20A - works great on 100Ah AGM.

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I think i sold myself on the 20a being sufficient, but sold out 😢

Might be a good excuse to drive over to renogy when im down in LA end of summer thought.

Figured id share if anyone wants the 40a and is in the USA.. free shipping too!
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