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Magazines for these are expensive, so we are thankful that in addition to the $500 discount, the Individual Officer Program also gets us a full-capacity 20-round magazine (civilian sales only include a reduced-capacity 10-round magazine), and a coupon to purchase additional 20-round magazines at a substantial discount.

I think we're going to feed it Hornady 155-grain TAP (Tactical Application Police) ammunition.

I don't care for the short rail it comes with. It's too tall to allow co-witnessing a red dot reflex sight with the OEM iron sights, for starters. Ultimak's M8 full-length rail is lower and would work, but it's fairly heavy, and very hard to find. M14.CA's full-length "Scout" rail is supposedly half the weight, just as strong, and even lower. We may give that a go. Ultimately we're looking to be able to forward scout-mount a red dot reflex sight that will co-witness with the iron sights. Then we could lose the chunky tritium XS front sight blade and replace it with a thinner National Match front sight blade.

Blackhawk makes an offset rail-mounted light mount that I think will work for us.

I'm using a 500-lumen Surefire light on the personally-owned department-authorized M4 carbine that I have carried at work for years- we may try that light out on this new rifle with a tape switch, and go from there.

Looking at a Turner National Match sling too. Probably in black, and probably the all-weather biothane version... :)

And possibly replace the muzzle brake with a .30-caliber A2-style flash hider.

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Found 140 rounds of PMC 147-grain FMJ ammo for 83 cents a round after an LE discount, so at least we've got something to feed it.

Finding ammo is pretty tough right now...


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I have an M1A Scout Squad in walnut, that thing is amazing. 425 yards on iron sights, pings a 12" plate round after round. I put a Burris Scout 2-7x32 on it and it is even better. Can't get 20 round mags in Colorado, but I did order legal-limit 15 round mags from Springfield direct.

I shoot either 150gr FMJ or 168gr BTHP from Angel Fire Ammo (Hornady A-Max on the latter). Bought several hundred rounds back when you could. The 168gr shoots the best but I think that's the bullet profile more than anything else.

Just found a "deal" from Ammunition Depot on 500 rounds of PMC .308 for "only" $0.91 a round...147gr. Expect it will shoot like ******** but a bad day on the range is better than a good day at work....