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Lone Rider
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Oh I would have thought the opposite maybe because the Cummins isn’t having any issue moving the truck at this weight and you drive at lower RPM ?

Can’t wait to see your build progress


I have 4.10 gears and with the small dually tires was really turning some RPM. I believe it was a combination of removing the duallys, going to a taller AT tire with no lift that really helped. I believe my effective gear ratio is somewhere around 3.63. Stock SRW trucks are 3.42 on stock tires so it's a nice balance.
I literally drove home from the dealership and immediately put in 3:73 gears. Didn’t even have 500 miles on the truck ( 2017 3500 H.O. 6.7 with Aisin trans ) when I did it. The 3:42 absolutely sucked. Yes I’m aware of all the this gear that gear debate...... once you drive this truck with 3:73 vice the stock 3:42 you’ll gladly through down the $$$ for the parts and time to set them up.

Still absolutely love the setup on your truck. Things a beast !!!!



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I don't like Dodge trucks or flatbeds... With that being said... I love your truck!


Added info. The flat bed was custom built by @mountainguildoverland. It is a captive spring mount in the front, and the boxes are big enough to house my 2000 watt Honda generator. I plan to figure out a way to run the generator in the box at some point.

Plans are for a TotalComposites flat bed camper with outbound windows.


That’s ok. I don’t like GM “trucks”. To each their own. Darwin, have you started on your camper yet?
Not yet, saving some more cash since I will be DIY'ing the interior I want to have enough money to do it all in go when I have spring off from work. So I would like to be done by May. I plan to hopefully get the box done by Feb.


Nice rig! What weight capacity tire/wheel are you using?
Wheels are rated for 4,500 lbs. Tire are rated for 4,000 lbs. at 65 psi

I have thought about switching to 37x13.5x17 Toyos for 4,300 lb capacity.

I have my Northstar camper and spare wheel on the flatbed now, it weighs 6,800 on the rear axle but the camper is pushed back some due to the front tire being behind the headach rack.

The truck is a cab and chassis and was originally a dually.

Recommended books for Overlanding