New Camper Build - THE OVERL[h]ANDER


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Joaquin Suave said:
You might want to check out Line-X.
Agree 110%
Thanks for the tip! I'll check to see if there's Line-X installer nearby.
Alloy said:
Is the person doing the welding ticketed or certified?
Yes, the crew at DDGO are certified and extraordinarily talented welder/fabricators. Their primary business is the design and manufacture of all-aluminum commercial fishing and transport boats. My truck is by far the least complex project in the shop... but it's being built to the same high standard as their marine industry work.


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Lots of progress happening this week:
- Subframe is back from powder coating and re-mounted onto the truck.
- The spare tire winch has been re-configured so the hand-crank shaft will now be accessed through the (lockable) rear passenger side-box.
- The truck's rear window has been removed (will be replaced with aluminum plate) and the pass-through opening has been cut in the rear wall of the cab.
Next is the fabrication of the pass-through frame to support the accordion boot.
Subframe13.jpeg Passthrough3.JPG

Passthrough4.JPG SparetireWinch.jpeg


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The pass-through is complete and off to the powder coating shop. This assembly will be the same color as the truck body.
Passthrough5.jpeg Passthrough6.JPEG Passthrough7.JPEG

DDGO also fab'd-up a set of aluminum wheel arches to allow plenty of tire clearance, and they even matched the corner radius of the arches to the fiberglass pultrusions to ensure a nice clean appearance once assembled:cool:
(Click thumbnails to see hi-res images)
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The team was able to complete the box assembly over the weekend and in just a few days the truck and I will be heading home so we can get started on the interior build-out.
Here are some highlights from the build... more soon.
(click on thumbnails for hi-res images)

PassThroughDetail.jpeg PassThrough.jpeg LightBar.jpeg CornerCover.jpeg

CaboverSupport.jpeg Rear_Side_walls.jpeg Interior1.jpeg SideBox17.jpeg

Exterior1.jpeg Interior2.jpeg


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Getting very close... The box assembly and all of the exterior goodies should be wrapped up this Thursday :cool:
(click for full-res')

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Lots of work happening over the past day... Cab-over braces are in place, exterior lights are functional, doors for side-boxes are being installed, and there even a (illuminated) license plate.
The Durrance Design Group team is still on track to be done with this phase of work on Thursday.
Click on thumbnails to see the full-res' images.

CamperAssy29Oct20_5.jpeg SideLights.jpg

CamperAssy29Oct20_3.jpeg CamperAssy29Oct20_4.jpeg RearLights.jpeg


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I have not seen a rear door setup like that. That's actually very cool. Can use like a normal RV door but open it up if you wanted to. That's giving me some ideas....

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@ExpoMike, yes, and the "normal" door is a Tern Overland 'Wildlands' door.

@Todd n Natalie, I can't take all of the credit; The idea was inspired by a friend who built his expedition vehicle in a box-van, and I always loved his view, watching the sunset, through the expansive opening in the back wall, while beach camping :cool:
In addition, when the weather and/or the neighborhood is crappy, it will be nice to have the security of the triple deadbolt lock.


Your camper looks awesome!

It's very big, though... I'm wondering if you have a fully loaded weight estimate?