New Bronco


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I'm with ya, a simple, small truck like that is super appealing....

The closest you could get here is to go out and buy a single cab, long bed 1-ton truck, Ford + 7.3 or get the Dodge (with manual Tcase) + Hemi + AEV upgrades, shorten the frame and slap on a Aqualu style landcruiser tray on the back, color matched to the truck:

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The first ever Aqualu “land” product was an FJ40 tub. Guess who asked Todd (owner of Aqualu/Hardbody) if he could build one? Yup, that’s right. It was me. I got the 2nd one he built. The first one was his prototype. Previous to that he was building aluminum fishing boats and pontoons after starting his career with Döppelmayr ski lifts as a millwright. Todd is a great guy and fabrication genius.

I have been looking for a new shortbox camper hauler, and if I could find a nice 96 or 97 F350 or 250 CCSB I’d be all over it!

Also, I intend to tow my 19’ Airstream with our new Bronco if it ever gets built, and it will end up close to 3000 lbs so I’ll let you all know how it does…


It also got bumped to a D50 rear axle.

So now it has the same tow rating as my '85 with a fourth the power and a much narrower puny 7.5".
Ratings are funny that way. The most basic of broncos is 10x more capable of towing than an 85 Ranger.- no offense to your mini truck I’ve had one before.


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Ratings are funny that way. The most basic of broncos is 10x more capable of towing than an 85 Ranger.- no offense to your mini truck I’ve had one before.
I'd trust the hitch mounting a lot more on the '85. That crossmember the Bronco hitch mounts to is very dainty and thin. It is probably mostly suspension but I don't think they really over built the hitch much for what it is rated. This is considering the newer Ranger with a similar footprint and powertrain is rated almost 2x as much.

Both my 85 and the Bronco is in a awkward nearly worthless tow rating for me. So they do their things (which they are basically incapable of overlapping) and my F-150 does the real work.

There isn't much 85 Ranger left in my 85 so no offense taken.

On other news we continue to enjoy ours.



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Ohhhhhhh....... So that's why guys are doing this to their trucks....

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By running huge offset, they widen the stance therefore increase tow ratings.

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I can hear the bearings screaming for mercy. On the other hand you always carry four firepits with you at all times.
The rear Bronco control arms don't look real beefy but looks can be deceiving.


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Domestics sell well because the buy in is cheap- you’d have to convince people the upfront is worth it. It’s a no brainer on their vehicles when you compare total cost of ownership.
One ton domestics are running close to $90,000 these days for anything with options, so I don’t think cost would be that big of a stumbling block. The desire for a lazyboy with a bed might be hard to get past for the huddled masses though?

I’ve come to the conclusion that the original mindset of this place has changed significantly, and my likings are no longer the norm here. Feel free to flame away. I’ve got my Nomex undies on.