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I think my dealership is about 50 deliveries now.
32 (I think) of those were for the ford off rodeo stables in Moab.
They are now arriving regularly but all pre ordered.
I drove an Antimatter Blue Wildtrack today at the Moab site. 40 miles of off road, pretty impressive for an out of the box vehicle.


I drove an Antimatter Blue Wildtrack today at the Moab site. 40 miles of off road, pretty impressive for an out of the box vehicle.
Yeah..... they impressed me quite a lot out of the box.
If there were just a model that had a 5k tow rating I'd pull the trigger yesterweek.
Talked to a Ford rep @SEMA last week and he shared that there were no imidiate plans on having such model.


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Congrats. When did you reserve? I still haven't gotten my ticket pulled yet, still waiting....(res 7/19/20, got most of the deadly sins though, then you through allocations into the mix, still a bit disheartening though)
November of last year.

Pretty basic build though, 2.3 slushbox Black Diamond, advanced 4wd, mid and MIC. Initially had the tow package but dropped it last year. Just want it for the hardpoint and $100 and four bolts is good enough for a constrained part that would hold up the car. That is the only thing we changed from our initial order.

Another order from our dealer drastically changed everything and managed to get a 21 scheduled. 2.7 to 2.3, hard to soft etc.

I was conflicted on not opting for the modular bumper which is a newer constrained part but now it is at least prewired for fogs if I decide to go to a different bumper (or snag a takeoff modular)
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Yeah, Badlands with the Sasquatch package, MIC top, High technology package, and 2.7L ain't helping much. I finally dropped the tow package, same thing here it was just going to be a hard point and/or for a bike rack if needed. Also took out the engine block heater, not sure if that's been adding any issues, but why chance it. Like heat pads on the pans better anyway, rare that I need it anyway (but when you need it really helps)


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I went back and forth on the block heater, wished I have had one for years... little ecoboost shouldn't be a big issue to roll over though.

I haven't ruled one out for my next truck tho.
We did the Winter Alcan 5000 in 2020. First night in Inuvik we didn't have a plug in, it was ~-30f. Jeep started , but it didn't like it at all. Next night had it plugged in (heat pad on oil pan), no squaking about it. Diffs needed to be coaxed slowly into turning still though.


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I know around - 20*f my power steering pump really hates me... and I apologize to it. It starts talking around 15* and gets more vulgar/longer the colder it gets from there.

Usually get one or two of those mornings a year which is about five a year too many.

A block heater is night and day on a diesel, never had one on a gas though.

Todd n Natalie

Going for a pretty penny over MSRP here. This one is a 2.3...
Screenshot 2021-11-23 152234.png

This one is just an Outer Banks

Screenshot 2021-11-23 152008.png